Asking a favor from Baron, Ignore whole Threads

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by themickey, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. themickey


    Hi Baron.
    The ignore feature for ET posters is great. I have found from experience once a poster is on my ignore list, I save myself much time and frustration reading post after post of non constructive banter.
    Maybe this has been asked before, but being able to ignore whole posts would be advantageous for ET. It would remove the temptation of flaming certain members who create controversial posts. We have a new member on board atm who is creating a lot of noise and negativity imo. Although this person is on my ignore list, I still see their posts and they are becoming increasingly numerous as this person attempts to draw responses which they say helps with their web site being noticed.
    If an unscrupulous sponsor decides to use ET to attract web site hits by means of baiting other ET members via provocation, is it possible that once a member is on ignore, that also means we can then ignore the whole posts which they create.
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  2. algofy


    Let me guess, the zb guy? Can’t we just rid our forum of this cancer?
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  3. Here4money


    You'd have to refund the guy.

    I still think it's Baron pulling an elaborate Christmas prank
  4. algofy


    Haha that would be interesting
  5. Hi,i`ll think about it...
  6. CALLumbus


    I think it is nice, this one time almost all ET guys (and girls) agree and pull in the same direction together. Maybe Baron really did this as a Christmas prank to bring us more together ? :)
  7. Gambit


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  8. I'd like to be able to ignore someone completely too.Absolute wipe.
  9. truetype


    Instead of worrying about which members to ignore, focus on contributing great content yourself. That's what will really improve the site.
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  10. Gambit


    Can't argue with that.
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