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  1. hey guys, I sometimes post on the DailyFX Forum, mainly because I like to read someo the postings by the analysts Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg...the community here is still better ;). But this week they offered a Q&A where you can post any question about trading and they will answer it and post their answer...and they did it via a video type device...

    It seems like they answered any question you ask them about anyone who is new, this might help with getting an expert opinion - for free I might add
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    I would not mind some of Kathy's T and A!

  3. Haha, I hope by that you mean Technical and Analysis ;)
  4. AnnaFX


    That's pretty cool, seems like they will be doing that every week...sounds like them too and not some stupid intern writing all of the stuff
  5. to be hones tguys, i am a newbie and although i trade from the seat of my own pants from the united kingdon i read the stuff they write in the dailyfx currency rooms.

    i found that at least on the usd/chf the predictions they have made could have been catastrophic had i followed them.

    swinging from one direction to the other like flicking a light switch.

    how do you guys feel about that sites currency rooms ?
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    Personally I have used them and they have been fine. It completely depends on how you interpret the information provided, leverage you use, etc. Plus you need to remember they are not trading recommendations, you need a live account for those. I have had a good experience with them.
  7. Surdo


    I subscribed to their BKForexAdvisor a while ago.
    Keep in mind this is a paid signal service.
    The calls were breakeven, at best, and almost always got stopped out.

    I really enjoy Kathy and Boris' writing, and prefer to form my own opinions of the market to trade off.

    They are basically marketing machines for FXCM.

    el surdo
  8. Yeah, I went to the site and watched the video, pretty neat. Anyone here gonna post some questions? I am thinking about it....
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    Has anyone here asked a question and it has been answered or is it highly moderated?
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    Guys we will answer any trading related questions you email us - is they are repetitive we may simply combine them together, but that the only limitation.
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