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  1. Dear gentle ET readers: I have completed my in-depth assessment of the results of the statisticosociologicopsychodynamicogynecological experiment which I and my grossly underpaid graduate student assistants conducted at:

    Frankly, I was shocked. As of this publication date, there were 2012 views, but only 52 posts. Were those 2012-52=1960 passive viewers ignorant? Cowardly? Struck dumb by my brilliance? My faithful accolytes (and you know who you are, I do not wish to name you so that you might not suffer any further opprobium for your support of me) understood that on ET you can wrap a LOSING system in BS and it will be applauded, even traded, but if you wrap a WINNING system in BS everyone will merely scoff.

    This sobering (sadly) expererience led me to create an "ET POSTING DULLNESS METER". It is proprietary, related to taking the opposite side of your trades, but I will say that it factors in the number of posts by Harry, the puerile "kick me" posts by newbies, the posts by idiots who could do a one word Yahoo! search and answer their own inane questions, and the "I am the greatest trader since Gann" posts.

    Suffice it to say, as the cognoscenti have already surmised, today's postings pegged the meter.

    Therefore it is my solemn duty to rectumfy this situation, as a stern admonition to all of ET to keep it sharp, with this new thread. My dear friend the eminent psychotherapist and ECT mind destroyer Arthur (Art) Deco, M.D., has kindly agreed to answer all of your questions about ET, trading, and life in general,

    He is prepared to dialogue with you on any trenchant issues about ET, such as, "Why is Harry a frog?", "What is the kindest way to gently extract newbies' heads from their asses?", "What is the deep-seated psychological meaning of your least favorite poster's handle?", and "What do women want?". Please feel free to querry him without any fear of a judgemental or derogatory response. ET is, after all, an anonymous forum, with all of the disinhibition which that implies.

    The moderator, as he is a subtle soul, will no doubt resist the initial urge to remove this thread to ShitShat, as he realizes that satire is a long lost art which in the 18th century was responsible for the creation of the modern world through its parody of reactionary views and its embrace of new iconoclastic modes of thought. The present thread might very well lead us into the twentyfirst century of trading. I remain, as always, your friend, H. Plecostomus.
  2. ...your response to me (quickly and wisely deleted), exhibits a lack of confidence that is most distressing. For those of you not quick enough to have caught his now-deleted post, Sulong (Not Su Long? Talk to me, you need to approach smaller women!) questioned an innumeracy (since corrected) in the original post. NotSuLong, you were right! Have the courage of your convictions! We seriously need to talk! I can help. Not with your anatomy, but with your confidence. Did you not wish to dignify the absurdity of the original post with your august response? I can help with issues of excessive dignity and of superiority.

    Arthur (Art) Deco, M.D.
  3. of the time of this post, I see 114 views, but NO responses! Surely those who daily execute "longs", "shorts", "strangles", "spreads" and "straddles" shamelessly are not so inhibited that they cannot respond! Voyeurs! Peepers! Cowards! Daytraders! Or perhaps outside RMH you have to get it off on porno sites until the market opens again and offers you an outlet for your shameful sociopathic perversions?

    Arthur (Art) Deco, M.D.
  5. Why haven't the authorities closed down this board?

    I have repeatedly asked the board administrator to do so, but to no avail.

    Please respond.
  6. ...I am appropriately chastened by your reminder of my bigoted Caucasian ethnocentric bias. The island of Palau has the distinction of being one of the few Pacific Edens which the Jap-Annies did not want and did not invade, and which my noble American ancestors in the U.S. Navy (highly cultured chief petty officers all) did not have to liberate. "Sulong" to you, as well! What is your perspective, many time zones removed, of the mad markets on the mainland? Is trading in a time at which time you typically are awakened by an erection easier, or "harder"?

    Arthur (Art) Deco, M.D.
  7. You see what I mean? The guy says ask me questions, and he ends up asking the posters questions.

    For the love of God, put this board out of it's misery - close it down!
  8. ...I myself do not have much experience of "ladies of the night", but I am given to understand that these generous ladies, by convention, refer to their clients as "John". As to the "Q", common decency forbids me to speculate. The "Public", however, is so close to its slip of the tongue relation "pubic" that its significance cannot be ignored. "John", what inhibits you from asking me what you really want to know? I remind you that this is a serious trading forum, not some frivolous Yahoo!-like chat room! Bon courage! Be a man! No one knows who you are! I am a licensed multi-degreed mental heath professional! If you can't trust me, who can you trust?

    (Potential serious respondents, the responses thus far are the typical misdirectional posts by those engaged by the "smart money" to keep you one-lot feed-lot putzes ignorant of the verities of the market. Do not be deceived by their digressions! Get serious!)

    Arthur (Art) Deco, M.D.
  9. Dr. Art,
    It pains me a great deal to have to correct my elders, yet once again, but here it is.

    1. Palau is not 1 island, but a group of over 200, of which 7 are inhabited.
    2. over 2,000 US marines died taking peleliu from the japs,and another 1500 taking angaur ( 2 of the 7 islands)

    3. trading is always hard, regardless of where your at.

    no disrespect intended.

    sincerely sulong
  10. embarrassing. My own sainted putative father (one never knows), a chief gunnery officer during the Great war, evaded service in the Pacific in order to service naive country girl telephone operators at the Norfolk naval base. I was regrettably not aware that Pelileu was in the Palau chain, but I should have been from the excerpt from the score to "Victory at Sea" titled "Pelileu". My most profound apologies.

    But you evade the central epistomological existential question. Why are you responding to this white trash witch doctor? What is your issue with trading? Is the smart money on the Street making a putz of you? Do your trades look like a game of "Schlemiel-Schlematzl"? Or are you so successful as a trader that you already own 199 of those 200 islands? Or are you totally indifferent, with slack-breasted fat Polynesian girls already bringing you Mai-Tais in the beach all day, which is the aspiration of us deluded dreamers on the mainland?

    Do not mock the rigidly rectal-sphictered views of traders here in the States. Do please give us the view from Paradise.

    Arthur (Art) Deco, M.D.
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