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  1. My new, noncommercial, advice column is going live today!
    Ask your questions here on this thread and I will answer them on my blog: every Thursday. Nothing is off limits but please be respectful.

    Ask me anything!

    Having relationship problems? Tough investment decisions? Is your friend driving you nuts? Is your job making you wear a corporate leash? Does your family seem like they’re from another planet?

    For dilemmas big and small, whatever tight spot you're in, ask Dr. Anna for her wisdom! Isn't it time you put a lid on anything that brings you down? I'm here to help and best of all IT'S FREE!
  2. Woo hoo!

    Stay tuned. I'll be asking for a friend....:D
  3. 1) What? pictures of "her"? :confused:
    2) Does she have a nice pair of "nockers"? :cool:
  4. Nothing on her website, no profile. Must be a joke.

  5. Aren't you Mrs. Marketsurfer?? Are you even really a doctor???

  6. Profile has been updated, thanks for the catch.
    Yes, I am a doctor.
  7. of Philosophy?

  8. Yes, finance.
  9. How does this qualify you for relationship and family advice per your opening post?

  10. Life experience and education. My education is not limited to finance, but includes religion, psychology and philosophy.

    Где в России Вы живете?
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