Ask and ye shall receive !

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  1. dd4d4d


    hello ETers

    I am an expert at forex been doing it for 16 years

    if you ask me to post image of my trades I will do it

    but you need to really beg for it in a nice beggy post

    So you beg for it considering that I am just an unknown user and you have nothing to lose

    OR do you not do it because you actually feel you have some kind of indentity on ET

    SO ask real nicely and you shall receive :)

    you can do that much at least.....

    alternative is to put in 4 years of work LOL
  2. dd4d4d


    I guess I am something like a Vampire

    I can only enter if I am invited in :D
  3. I am a newbie, I don't know what to learn for the beginning .I saw the way you post , it make me kind curious .I don't know what I should ask you .I just started from Feb this year and I was end up losed $ 10,000.00 and I just put $5,000.00 into my account .Can you let me know what I should learn now to make me lose lesser than before .I don't expect you to teach me alot because I know time is value to everyone , if I don't receive your respond I am not going to susprise.Thanks anyway
  4. 9999


    Hello coinz.
    Out of meds, again?
  5. If you lose twice your original stake I think learning to trade a size more approprite to your account maybe a start
  6. dd4d4d


    MAI that was a good plead

    but I kind of have a thing against helping out foreigners

    and although I am familiar with Coinz, am certainly not him

    before I post my trades in color picture I need to see some

    Please and words like that :)
  7. fubar


    Could somebody tell me where to get a life? I have none. All I have is torturing cockroaches I catch and this board.
  8. isnt the greatest reward of giving the act itself?

  9. dd4d4d


    now now fubar

    if you don't need my help that is fine

    if ET consisted of you and me I would gladly STFU

    but think of the noobs......they do need help and a visual push in the right direction

    as for you bogan

    yes act of giving is great

    but pardon me if I don't feel like helping Hitler or Bush or Ahmedjidan or whatever

    giving is great, but do you really think it matters not Who you are giving gift to
  10. dd4d4d


    If I were fubar what would I do

    well if I were fubar I wouldn't be on ET at all.........I would study charts until I get a light bulb in my head


    IF I were fubar I would also think of it this way

    Yes this FX guy on ET is probably bullsh@# but what do I have to lose

    I would make a really nice ass kissing post filled with please words

    and if he posts something worthwhile hey I might actually learn something

    if he doesn't, oh well another jerk, what else is new

    perhaps reason so many fail at trading is because they aren't smart enough to understand even some basics and logic
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