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  1. achu717


    anyone have experience trading in Asia like Hong Kong, Taiwan, or China while traveling there? love to hear the experiences.
  2. PM def - he is the ASIAN CONNECTION (and a cool guy) :D
  3. def

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    Yes, I've lived in HK for almost 8 years. What specifically would you like to know?
  4. achu717


    do you trade with a Pro firm or retail broker in HK?

    the trading hours must be odd. trading in the grave yard hours?
  5. Sanjuro


    How much lag did you have from HK to New York?
    Like if you use QCharts, it'll tell you in milliseconds
    the delay you are getting your quotes.
    Is the connection fast enough for day trading or
    will you be at a few second disadvantage?
  6. def

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    I work for Timber Hill and Interactive Brokers. For Timber Hill I oversee the trading of the Asian market. Thus, I work relatively normal hours. (Timber Hill specializes in derivative market making).
  7. def

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    Regarding IB, you really don't notice much of a difference. Perhaps a delay of 150 milliseconds. We do trade place orders/trades via the IB TWS from HK on the US overnight markets and executions/confirmations typically take less than 300 milliseconds. I've also traded US stocks from my home PC on a 56K modem. I haven't measured the exact speed but orders to Island for example are confirmed within a blink of an eye.
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    For those of us who are unattached and interested in various countries we might live and trade from.How hard is it to find accomodation in HK?I assume HK island is quite expensive.What about the mainland?Are there any places that are really nice but affordable?Are there people with apartments who are seeking roomates?Where do they advertise?What kind of broadband connections are available?How much do they cost,how long does it take for a new subscriber to get connected.Are they reliable?I think HK income tax is 15%?That is relatively low.Is there a catch?Thanks for any advice you might want to give someone who wants to visit HK for a year.
  9. Come to Australia, great standard of living, relatively cheap cost of living, and very diverse (from very multicultural/cosmopolitan cities, tropical beachside living or the outback).
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