Asian session traders: EUR/USD or EUR/JPY?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by TraderGreg, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Does anyone trade EUR/USD asian session? I've been fairly dedicated to the EUR/JPY, but I'm considering going to the EUR/USD. The EUR/USD certainly has less movement here, but it definitely has movement. For example, the EUR/USDs charts did have 60 pip ranges both today and yesterday (Thurs, Wed) during my trading hours of 6:30-10:30 eastern, while the EUR/JPY was looking at 110 and 95, respectively.

    However, of course the commissions of the EUR/USD is a big plus. Percentages still favor the EUR/JPY, with .0060/1.39=.431% for E/U and .683% for the yen. What is the wiser decision in your mind?

    I am using TOS right now btw, as I like their charts and platform. They have 2 pip Eur/usd spreads and 3 pip eur/jpy spreads. I do have Oanda and Hotspot on hand, but the spreads are little better. I could still use them though I guess. I know the eur/jpy goes down to about 2.5, and I haven't checked eur/usd in the asian session yet. They are 2 and 3 now at 12:11 am eastern though.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Asian session is usually very slow, at times it's not even worth it to trade. EurJpy used to have wide swings and can provide for some really exciting trades, on the other hand I used to think EurUsd is boring because it doesn't have much ranges but has very good trends. Depending your trading style you'd want to be open to several pairs and try to see which one fits your style the best.

    Good trading.
  3. then also look at gbp/usd. London and US are most popular sessions.
  4. I trade all the sessions but usually the japanese session isnt worth the time. Today most of the currencies were making a flag while it was open.
  5. Try eur.jpy .... its a major like eur.usd so has a better spread.

    But the asian session is the least trendy part of the day for forex so you might consider trading index futures instead.

  6. Honestly I would love to have the time and ability to get up early to trade London hours, but it is just not possible. My hours need to be between 4pm-12am, and unfortunately the eur/jpy and maybe eur/usd is the only thing that swings enough based on research i did over the summer (if there is something else worth checking, let me know!).

    Thank you for all your responses.