Asian/Pacific Markets Will Be Down Big

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrDODGE, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Seoul Composite just opened down about 4.50%.
  2. Glorious!!!!!!!

    Shanghai is exempt from downside for the time being.

    I wish Japan would raise their rates. They were supposed to do it this week. Go Asian Contagion!!!!!!!
  3. It was closed yesterday so dont get too excited
  4. the slaughter is going on now.. it's blood red at 5.4%. damn, we might not get a bounce for a long time. shit, I guess I've to take my huge loss tomorrow. that's what i get for buying for a bounce.
  5. Seoul citizens seen going crazy on the streets :p
  6. Goddamn.. Seoul is down 7.4%, Singapore is down 3.7%.

    Shit.. game fucking over.
  7. Korea down over 7.4 %......brokers and hedge fund managers will be jumping from high rises if this keeps up! :)
  8. Ausssie down another 3% today on the back of Rams the Loan provider unable to get refinancing. That is serious must admit maybe I was wrong and this is the big one
  9. cashing out tomorrow.. i guess there will be no bounce..
  10. With options expiration coming on Friday, if there is going to be a bounce I would think it would be next week. Just a guess, obviously.
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