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  1. which is the cheapest broker to go to for Asian Japanese Nikkei 225 and HKEX Hang Seng?
  2. You should look for an honest broker rather than a cheap broker.
  3. I don't know who's cheapest but Interactive Brokers will be close. If you're trading mainly the Nk then stay with the bundled pricing as unbundled yen prices are high for some reason.
  4. Kiwi trader. Do you trade sgxnk nikkei? How do you find IB pricing? Is the spread almost always 1 tick (5points)? or is it often 2 ticks. I say this because in my opinion that spread should be almost universally 1 tick. If it is then its tradeable. However the idea of being reamed for 10 basis points (50 dollars) in spread is totallly unnacceptable. I have to admit I look at IB sideways when I say this since in their demo they clearly seem to like adding an extra tick to the already generous spread. If this occurs live im going to be livid. Basically two ticks of spread makes the overhaeds for intraday trading too extreme. Any insight you could give into what your experience is with spread and executions is would be appreciated.
  5. Spreads on the Nikkei are 1 tick 99.9999999% of the time unless it's really wild. Its like this both in Osaka and in Singapore.

    Many moons ago, IB posted here on ET saying that the comms structure for their JPY products was 'on the agenda' to be changed. It still hasn't been changed. Like kiwi says, better to stay on bundled comms. Unbundled comms will cost you a lot more. Even the bundled comms though are out of line with other product offerings at IB.

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  6. Is the spread usually one or two ticks through IB for SGXNK? Coz two ticks will make it very tough too make money intraday since it represents 10 basis points or 50 dollars. If however I can find a broker where the spread is always one tick 5 points then I thinks its a great product to trade.Im looking into it now. Any idea what the spread usually is?
  7. Sorry scrath that question I didnt notice your reply. Yeah this is a winner then. I like the idea of trading this and then trading europe after. Right now im looking at eurostoxx 50. The biggest problem is that IB's demo makes the spreads look unnattractive but im pretty sure thats a quirk of the demo.
  8. 1 tick. It's got nothing to do with IB - they just pass through whatever comes from the exchange.
  9. The demo is useless for paper trading. It's only value is to demonstrate TWS features. ESTX50 and DAX nearly always have 1 tick spread.
  10. thanks guys, but I dun like TWS, any good broker who offer Jtrader?
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