Asian Massage Parlor was empty.

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  1. lol
    Is that you?
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  2. this is who makes it, not sure if they still do, that was from a long time ago:

    merry christmas,

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  3. King of short-shorts?
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  4. Upon enough funding I would be willing to volunteer my time and go to the AMPs in my area daily and report my findings back to the group.

    I know it will take a lot of time, dedication and work but I am willing to do that for you guys. All I ask in return would be reimbursement for my ahhhhhhh expenses.....LOL
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  6. i'm sure for the right tip they can provide that too
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  7. Gees, I thought we'd have an update on amp business.

    Yea, business was so bad, today was self service.

    Good news and bad news down at the amp. the good news is all you can eat, bad news is how flexible are you?

    Business was so bad at the amp today special is bring someone you'd like to fuck, we velly slow, everybody "raid off" yuk yuk.

    You rikey fish with cloudy eye? She velly big mouth, smell like girl. Cheap too! Take home and cook after. Serve to girlfriend. Bring good ruck.
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  8. Business is so bad at a nearby AMP that they practically offered a week's worth for free. Plus I can go as often as I'd like and its one of those anything goes type of places. Only catch is I can't get anything on Thursdays.

    Why not Thursdays? I ask
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  9. gam1111


    What street they on?
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  10. Dude, half the "girls" at these ratholes are from Thailand, and were once male.

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