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  1. Does anybody know of any brokers that have access to data for the asian markets. I'm particulary interested in AU, the Kospi, Heng Seng, and Nikkei. I know you can trade AU, HSI, and the Nikkei with IB (not sure about the kospi), but I hear that IB is not so good and so I wanted to know if there were any better alternatives etc. Also, for all of you who do trade these markets can you tell me what your experience has been like. Thanks.
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    You can trade KOSPI with us. I would suggest opening an account with IB and giving us a try. You will see how good or bad we are in reality. We are trading very decent volumes in Asia and many ETers use us.
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    Let me get this straight: you find a broker that can do all the markets you are interested in at a reasonable, competitive price and performance point. You don't try them out but instead fret about whether there is a "better" alternative out there. Go on, knock yourself out and take the plunge. There are going to be harder decisions you will have to face.

    FWIW, I use a local broker for backup to IB (Singapore) but their RT commissions are 3x IB and the UI is slow and clunky.
  4. Hi PointOne,

    I guess a few of us would like to do our due diligence on all of the available brokers that will allow us to trade the Asian futures. As you know not all brokers are equal.

    Personally I am having a hard time finding a good list to investigate. So far I think I have identified:

    Interactive Brokers
    Man Futures (not completely sure)

    So if you can shed any light on our options, we would greatly appreciate it.

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  5. I haven't had any problem with IB for the asian markets. Tip top offering from IB.

    It should be made clear that you must not be living in the USA to be able to trade the KOSPI due to some sort of stupid ruling of USA regulation. It moves a lot and has really good volumes.

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  6. LOL ... from which ET loser do you hear that IB is "not so good." They're fucking excellent. :)
  7. Hi MK,

    Here is a list of what I believe to be approved futures contracts available to US residents:

    The KOSPI is in the Pending list at the bottom. So thanks for the tip.



    PS. For you folks using IB to trade the Asian futures are you using the data feed and charting from IB or a 3rd party like that of eSignal? I ask because eSignal runs $145/mo just for the platform + data feed fees.
  8. Using IB data feed and Ensign with QuoteTracker as a backup. Used eSignal for a few years before and liked it but could not justify the cost. No regrets going to Ensign and QuoteTracker. I live in Tokyo and have a full time job but I track and occasionally trade the Kospi and (more often) the HSI futures in Asia. I have also used IB for the Topix futures (Tokyo Stock exchange) in the past.

  9. Hi market monk,

    I'm using DTN IQFeed because of my preferences for the marketdelta product. Great product these guys offer. The only downside for an Asian market trader is their lack of exchanges offered. At this time they only offer Singapore exchange. I hope they change that one day soon...Adding Osaka, HKFE, and KSE would be very welcomed.

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    Those who are interested in trading kospi seriously may want to consider hyundaifutures instead of IB.

    1. Cheaper commission, 0.15% of option value instead of 0.2% of option value for IB.

    2. Its electronic platform provides Greeks for Kospi Options. IB doesn't.

    3. dedicated personal to support international customers...speaks english.

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