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    I know this thread won't be of much interest to many, so my apologies in advance for using up your space and time.

    Having been involved in trading, in one capacity or another, for most of my working life, thoughts are now turning to "retiring" to the antipodes and doing it for myself, rather than for someone else.

    I am interested in any guidance anyone can provide on such things as brokers, data feeds etc specific to the Asian markets, specifically the Hang Seng, Kospi, MSCI Taiwan and Nikkei (either SIMEX or Osaka).

    What I have learned so far:
    It seems the only data feed options (to get all four markets in the one feed) are FutureSource, or Reuters/Bridge. Does anyone know of any others, and does anyone have any views on these two?

    Broker options seem to be IB for the HSI (unless you want to go local), and one of the bigger Korean brokers (I have found about 5-6 who offer electronic execution via a browser-based platform) for the Kospi. Unfortunately, there is no way to test or observe the reliability, speed or user-friendliness of any of these systems until you sign up as a client (having gone thru the foreign investor registration process first). Does anyone use any of them, and have any views?

    Obviously the SIMEX contracts are floor traded so electronic execution is not an option here, but again, does anyone have any suggestions or views on any brokers?

    Given the limited interest this thread is likely to have, I'm happy for you to PM me if you can help in any way.

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    ....or alternatively, does anyone know of an "Elitetrader equivalent" for the Asian markets?
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