Asian markets surging

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  1. while US stocks only ended 1.2% higher, Asian stocks are up 2.5%. That means US futures should open 1% higher. The DOW future will open 80 points higher or more.
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  3. Since October 10th 2008, all bad news has been priced in. Therefore, the only direction is up.

    Hong Kong is on fire..up 300 points, and 35% off the lows. The recovery is already underway, and there is no stopping it.
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  5. Have people here become so illiterate that they can only express themselves with pictures? Bush's no child left behind plan doesn't seem to be working.
  6. The new Fed "alternative measures":

    Fully automated bot programs that (try to) create mass buy hysteria by auto-posting in internet forums.
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    no...but maybe people are tired of your shallow analyses? If we learned anything this past year then its that markets can go ANYWHERE, markets are NEVER one directional. You have so far not given a single valid, by markets SUPPORTED reason (meaning anything else than conjecture) to show why markets should go up much further. I am not saying they wont but saying there is only ONE WAY for markets to go seems to be a very naive way of thinking.

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    How much stimulus are they throwing at their economy?????

    Keep throwing money at every problem cause that's the way to do it.
  9. wow FXI is gonna be up huge on monday:

    Hang Seng 14,857.23 469.75 3.26

    up 500 points

    this is a new bull market. NO more financial crisis. NO more credit crunch. no recession.
  10. Come Jan 20th I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car or paying my mortgage.
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