asian girl met a professional forex trader coach unexpected

Discussion in 'Trading' started by miss asian, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. ive been trading for 9 months. before that I didn't know what forex meant.
    I met this coach and he taught me the nuts and bolts of trading. I still don't understand much of economics and fundamentals of the market, but I can tell you that I learned math tricks that can put food on the table.
    Now I'm part of professional traders group, and learning more every day.
    before that I didn't i have any idea at all when it comes to forex. because ive been focusing in my day job as a dental care specialist.
    interacting with other people gives you another idea to explore different things coz of xchanging ideas.then one day i met a friend of mine and i saw his work.i asked him what those charts were? and what is he doing?.and he started explaining and explaining about forex. i asked him what is the use of forex in our lives. he explained to me again.. and he didnt stop to give lectures of me about forex. I am a newbie by time definition

    at first I wasn't interested at all in forex. i didnt beleive or understand what these charts mean. maybe because of my educational background. but yeah has nothing to do with education. and mostly about calculations as he said.

    A little while after that, i realized that if i become a forex trader it will not affect my daily live or my job .moreover it will add to my knowledge base.. . i started to read books about stock markets, forex,about brokers, searching through net etc...when i have some idea in forex..i told my coach friend that i am ready to learn about forex trading.