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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by memphisreign, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. I was trading the KOSPI and HANG SENG futures with CQG. I will no longer be using CQG and looking for a pure charting software as I have my own local broker.

    Any recommendations for a reliable and cost effective stand alone charting software for these Asian futures? I have used a trial version of eSignal but would like the expertise here on this board. Unfortunately, I cannot use the likes of Ninja, Tradestaion and etc... They require I open an account with them as I have my own broker already. Thanks.
  2. futuresource through esignal, allows you to do seasonal and seasonal spread history as well...I think it's better for futures.
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    i am using multicharts with IB data feed. Kospi data is free and Hang Seng futures data is like HK$10, compares with CQG's US$600 plus per month. But you need to open an account with IB. i don't think esignal has Kospi data. IB's data is conflated though.