Asian destruction.

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  1. -353.7 our futs are holding 800 like a stone wall.
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  2. The market was aware of commerzbank's problems last week (hence the loss in share value). The article seems a bit sensationalist and politically loaded, but that doesn't mean it won't have an effect, or that the problem isn't significant.

    I'm more concerned about Brazil just now.
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  3. Add to the mix that Commerzbank - the 3rd largest German bank (and German banks are big by our standards), is reportedly in trouble with bad loan problems.

    PS. a run on the dollar has been hotly debated lately among the chattering classes, with a further 20-25% decline expected (see current Barron's and Business Week). Remember the 87 crash and the then Treasury Secretary James Baker stance with the Germans on the dollar/Deutche Mark? He made it clear over the week-end preceding Black Monday that the US no longer would support a strong dollar. Right now our current account deficit and the prospect of war make the dollar very vulnerable to a sharp correction. 87 redux?
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  4. seems like the impending demise of the german superbank and the Nikkei might make the trusty greenback look pretty good by comparison.
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  5. Pabst


    I would construct it as a condor. Long dollar, long gold, short Euro's, short yen. IMO all global currencies are shit right now. Yea maybe greenback is brightest of the bunch(agh) but I think metals get explosive up move sometime in near future.
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  6. Between the frog tanker, the japs market, the bin laden rag heads, and the krauts banking problems, we krakers should have one tough trading day ahead of us! Oh, I forgot the banana's election. :D
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    looks like the bulls are are going to put up a little bigger fight than i would have expected.
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  8. All the bulls are now dressing up as bears for halloween.

    Ps: As of 2:05am, futures sitting at 798.50. Looks like Monday may get ugly!

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    The USD has been weak dince May against the EUR, CHF, GBP, but over the past few weeks it has strengthened against the JPY. Today it broke out of a nice tight 4 day range of about 122.20 to 123.40, and rose to 123.80 very quickly. I bought the breakout and decided to take the quick profit. There remains a bit of overhead up to 124.20 or so.

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    Pabst I agree with the long gold and short yen, but why long USD and short EUR ?

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