Asian/Australian Fixed Income Futures

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by HTmarket, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. HTmarket


    Does anyone have a retail account to trade Asian/Australian Fixed Income Futures?

    Could you please let me know on your experience trading with these retail firms and execution fees changed (all in round trips)?

    I know of IB and MF.
  2. dlonET


    OEC - if you trade often with Sierra Charts - do not use their OECTrader as it is a dog .Net platform and for your location you will keep losing connections,
    CQG through AMP and NinjaTrader. I am not into NT as it is same .Net based so you may have the same connectivity issues. However, AMP offers a very competitive package.
    You can get CQG feed from Macquarie Bank locally but that will be very expensive. If you trading allows you to spend around $1k a month for the feed only then this is not a bad solution.
  3. HTmarket


    What products do you trade on the Asian/Australian? How do they compare with CBOT 10-year ZN or 30-year ZB if you have experience with those products?

    I was thinking of using AMP with Ninja Trader to start.
  4. dlonET


    i trade k200, SPI, ES. I know that SNFE's 3 years T_bonds belong to the most traded contracts but never traded them. I hear(read here) that they are 'easy' to trade. I wish I knew more about how to trade them.
    Search this website for trading notes/bonds (ZN/ZB) as there are some spectacular traders that claim millions out of these instruments.
    Good luck.