Asian Americans Are Smarter, Richer, And Harder-Working Than Everyone Else

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  2. Worked with a Vietnamese guy. His family came over as "boat people" after the fall of Saigon. They had nothing.

    Now every single one of his many brothers and sisters are doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.
  3. 1) Confirmation of the obvious. :cool:
    2) Does the data make distinctions between Orientals and East Indians? :confused:
    3) Does the data make distinctions between Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Thais et al? :D
  4. u mean they're all overrated and overpaid?
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    give them a few generations of democrat policies in this country and let me now if they are still harder working and smarter.

    While a few of my sons friends are still very hard working very polite asian kids some asians are already fat and lazy video game playing kids. (this is very limited data)... but the kids from families with a lot of money are even less disciplined than some of the equivalent white kids.

    So while I have no doubt the asians with the good size foreheads are likely to have big brains in there... I am not sure how long their kids will remain hard working if they become "privileged".
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    Jarah Mariano, Asian American.:D