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  1. would like 2 talk to anyone in ASIA, specifically what broker(s) you are using and can you recommend any regional one(s).

    Post or PM me.
  2. I tried to open account with which i came
    to know about it from an ET member.

    The major problem is that they can't beat what trading fees
    US brokerage can offer you. (for some accounts and vehicals
    the difference can be huge is you are an active trader).

    Both Refco and Manfinancial have offices in singapore.

    What the reason you need to have your brokerage
    account in that region? and depand what you intend
    to trade and where in Asia are you located?
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    I use asset plus. They are based in Bangkok.

    I can recommend them. Their advise is of course totally useless but then that is true of all brokers :cool:

    They are cheap and laugh at my jokes and haven't embezzled my money...yet.

    I was going to buy Shin Satellite about a week ago. They recommended against it and the price soared the next day.
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    Now that's a funny post. lmao