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Discussion in 'Trading' started by afc, Jul 27, 2005.

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    Does anybody have any info on what the KOSPI 200 would be best hedged against?


  2. afc


    does anyone have any good trading experience/knowledge on how the KOSPI 200 behaves? Is it highly correlated with other indices? does it move around aggresively?

    any comments much appreciated

    many thanks
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  4. Joesan,

    I agree with you, the KOSPI to me is THE index to trade in the Asian region. I'm surprised that it is almost unknown by most traders.
    Have you already checked for brokers other than IB ? I have a list of dozens of Korean brokers, however, I'd rather stick with a Singapore/HK based broker.
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    stock exchange or futures exchange ? If you trade stocks, the above company may be ok, but I am not sure if they offer futures brokerage also.

    Re other brokers, Let me check with some HongKong traders today
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    Boom is equities only, double commissions and only shorting in HK and US.

    For investing not trading IMHO.

    Some of the regional brokers like Kim Eng or DBS Vickers, Phillip offer access to most AP cash equity markets but not from the same account and clunky/browser based platforms. Phillip offer futures, and I am sure the others do.

    Would be v interested in names of others + any info.

    You can trade KOSPI fut through Refco SG if you want. Browser based or USD200/month for basic aplication based platform.

    Hope IB do offer KOSPI but given up waiting................

    Data feeds can be an issue if you are not up to BBG/Reuters. My experience with eSignal with e.g HSI was not positive. Lags badly and tick chart works sporadically. If you use IB then Sierra and TS2k are options.

    ADD: I agree that there should be a modular approach to non execution add ons like scanner, backfill etc but I have to say that IB backfill is a GREAT addition. Would require multiple data subscriptions or hurry back from the beach to avoid data gaps. Also real realtime data due to snapshot approach.
  7. Man SG lists KOSPI for trading. Never traded with them, but have a friend who trades SGX products using J-trader with them.

    I know a couple of nice folks in Refco SG, but there are rumours that the local Refco outfit may be sold off no doubt due to the effects of the fraud.
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    Kospi kind of trades on it's own. If I had to choose a correlated market, I'd say Japan.

    FYI, IB is almost ready to offer access to Korea. I'm not sure what you're paying elsewhere but our fees should be highly competitive.
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    Look forward to it (again) def. Due to O/N gap risk low correlations with US are very desireable.
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    I thought the Kospi would have to get CFTC approval before anyone retail in the US could trade it.
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