Asia Overnight

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ssternlight, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Well,

    So far everything is down. But it's not a crash landing so far...
  2. You haven't lived until you've had an asian go down on you.
  3. just21


    Japan and Korea ignored the big move in china yesterday and are now playing catch up with the big move in the US. Korea has bounced off the lows. Kospi options are still a 1 tick market in most strikes.
  4. Yeah,

    China should be the real tell. N225 is working towards the 5% level...

    I may just go see the snow fall -- doesn't happen all that often in coastal CA...
  5. both a few k200 call options off the lows just for fun.
  6. What time does Chineese market open?
  7. just21


    They said another 1 1/2 hours on Bloomberg just now so 02:30gmt or 09:30 beijing time.
  8. 9PM EST last I checked
  9. Nikkei down almost 600.

    Man I'd love to be trading in Japan right now!