Asia may start dumping Treasuries

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  1. do you know how to short the 30yb with an etf or mutual fund?
  2. Either sell TLT, or BUY TBT, TBT is double strength!
  3. Thanks for that.
  4. The operative word is "may". I'm not referring to the month of May.
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  5. Take these threats with a grain of salt - bonds will crack when there is tangible evidence of inflation and economic recovery.

    Besides, why is a guy running $100 billion in long treasuries announcing to the world that they are "considering" selling? Hint: it's not because they think they can jawbone the Obamanites into prudent fiscal and monetary policy.
  6. I had no idea one could use a 1982 Atari console for charting. Impressive :cool:

  7. Looks like a bloomberg.
  8. good point. Covered all my short positions in ZB today because this low volume drop stinks.
  9. MGJ


    Asia may start dumping Treasuries. Obviously true.

    Asia may resume accumulating Treasuries. Also true, obviously.

    Elite Trader may be sold to Wal-Mart and renamed "Tradin fer Rednecks". Yes it may. Obviously true.
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