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    I've been prop trading SGX futures and selected Asian equities since middle of 2010. I focus on the Nikkei and the Timsci. I also trade some G7 FX and CME futures, but about 80% of what I do is Asia macro based.

    I have grown $10k to $230k in about five months. My approach is tight intraday scalping of index futures with partial fx overlay positions.

    I have taken most of that money and put it into long-term investments and restarted with only $8k in an IB account. If I can replicate the same success this year, then I will look at pooling together some more substantial funds. I trade only the most liquid contracts and always hold overnight.

    Will post periodic live calls on JPY, Nikkei, Taiwan, etc here.

    Also will post daily p&l on a blog I have just started here:

    Current position:
    -1 SGXNK @ 9500
    +125k USDJPY