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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Trayo, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Trayo


    I am interested in watching gold prices in Asia via IB feed.

    Can anyone suggest liquid mkt (Futs or Spot) available to US traders via IB?
  2. eurusdzn


    Symbol GC trades on Globex around the clock. It is available on IB without
    any data subscription charge. It is a future contrct representing 100 oz. gold so a 1 dollar move in gold is 100 usd
    Ticks are .1 or ten bucks.
    You decide whether liquidity is adequate for you.
    I find it hard to move my 1000 contracts
  3. Trayo


    Thanks eurusdzn

    I was actually looking for a deeper Gold market in Asia time zone as something to spread trade Globex GC against in the US evenings.

    I will be watching for your 1000 lot market orders though:D
  4. neo1599


    Not sure whether available on IB or not.

    Most liquid would be:

    Tokyo Commodities Exchange

    MCX - India

    Participation in MCX is not possible unless Indian citizen afaik.

    Send a PM incase any clarification or info required on MCX.

  5. Trayo


    Thanks Neo.

    I discovered that IB has a symbol XAUUSD that is tied to London Metal Exchange.

    It appears to be a good spread symbol for Comex GOld