Asia bouncing back nicely

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  1. When was the last time we had a breakdown like last week? The FED plunge protection is fairly effective - going into friday's session the futures indicated that we were going to a 50+ down in SP and a 300+ down for down.

    I wonder what's in store for us this week? For all you awesome traders that made shit load - well that's good for you. Personally, the past two weeks took 30k from me. It would had been more if I didn't "buy the dip" the past week - well the buying the dip was scaled back significantly - if I had been more aggressive I'd have made some decent loot.

    The past several weeks were really hard to swallow. I'm just annoyed that 2 months of work went to the shitter. I got hit hard during Feb and managed to climb back and then this shit happened.

    I'm not looking for any excuses - just pissed by the fact I've put in all this effort for nothing.
  2. Perhaps its people realizing that asian equities are way cheap if the dollar/US equity market is about to blow up?
  3. don't let it bother you 2 much. you not know what Fed going to do and you make more later.
    it only money..
    easy come
    easy go
    your 30k went away
    but more coming your way
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    Do what I do, think of it as a valuable lesson to learn.
  5. Yea everyone who was long last tons of money last three weeks. Nothing new here. 30k isnt that much. You got to pay to play in the markets.