Ashraf Laidi - may be the smartest man alive

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    Ashraf Laidi may be the smartest man alive.

    I had the privilege of seeing him speak once, I was blown away by his intelligence. Just so you know, that never happened to me before and hasn't since.

    Get his book:

    I have no interest in trading currency, don't let the title throw you.

    I was just wondering if anyone else follows his work as I do, he has hardly ever been brought up on these forums.

    I know, I know, don't give away the secrets. Back in school I helped people by giving my notes, tutoring, etc. and I still broke the curve every time, so hopefully it will work here as well.
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    looks like a nice read ... thanks for the tip

    Peace :)
  3. isnt he the same guy who runs MG Forex??

    :D :D
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  5. I spoke to him at the NY EXPO . . . same market brain in different package.
  6. any videos of him?
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    I have plenty of respect for Ashraf. Since you seem to not, who are the people who's opinion you look toward? I am always looking for more sources, although I do not believe they will take his place.
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  9. The smartest man alive works for a forex bucket shop.

    Strange, that.
  10. I looked at his new book on It has 5 stars each by 5 reviewers, but none of the 5 reviewers have ever reviewed another book on Amazon before. That is sometimes suspicious for a PR campaign, rather than honest reviews. I think I will hold off on accepting him as the smartest man alive and wait to see if his friends are just promoting his book.
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