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    I've seen this commercial more than once on US cable TV. A guy looks with horror at the snoring woman in his bed and he gets up to sneak out, then he sees their wedding picture and realizes he's married to her so he can't just walk out. The punchline: "Isn't it time for Ashley Madison dot com?" At first it looks like a commercial for a divorce lawyer. Guess again:

    I'm not a religious person but this still disgusts me. Just get a divorce already and move on. :mad:
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    Agree. I've thought for a long time that the coming economic problems we have are actually caused a lot by what our culture has become: Selfish for the most part. Certainly Ashley Madison is one symptom of that.
  3. I knew an old black guy, was nearly a hundred years old, that thought we had a drought because there were too many winos.. I could not disprove his theory so I left it alone..

    Jesus said the reason we don't have something is we don't ask. I suppose that as morals decline people are praying less and less and also getting answered even less... I had a business card file with little cards in it with notes about everything I was praying over on a regular basis... I could look back through the dozens of cards and see that there was progress in every area. I need to get back to that.. I was a lot happier..