Ashley Judd All But Certain To Run For Senate

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    Ashley Judd All But Certain To Run For Senate

    Member of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's political team have publicly suggested the hope Ashley Judd enters the 2014 Kentucky Senate race. They're likely to get their wish.

    Huffington Post's Howard Fineman reports Judd has told key advisers and political figures that she is planning to announce her candidacy in the spring. The actress and activist, 44, refused to deny it when reached by Fineman.

    Judd earned a master's from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, on top of her undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky. She's been active on public health and other issues. But McConnell aides are already salivating at the opportunity to exploit her liberal positions on mountaintop coal mining, a sensitive issue among Kentuckians.

    Then there's a treasure trove of opposition research about Judd's personal life, including opulent homes in Tennessee and a garage-full of luxury cars. Not to mention a series of racy movie scenes practically made for promotion by McConnell forces in the YouTube/Twitter/cable TV media era.

    But Judd is pressing ahead. "Judd, sources say, is working with New York pollster Jefrey Pollock; has interviewed a number of media consultants including Anita Dunn, formerly of the Obama campaigns, and J.B. Poersch, the former head of the Democrats' national senate campaign committee, as well as leaders of Emily's List; and is lining up allies and field organizers. Advisers in Lexington are working on her filing papers and other technical issues."

    It's not just McConnell's political team taking aim at Judd. "Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) notes that Ashley Judd is one of her constituents. #burn," tweeted Politico reporter Seung-Min Kim (@seungminkim).
    Conservative television and radio host Laura Ingraham was less diplomatic. "Ashley Judd wandering the slushy streets of Washington, muttering 'Who the heck is this guy 'Phil A. Buster''"?" Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) tweeted.

    Via Huffington Post, and Politix reporting.
  2. I'm not sure she can win in a State like Kentucky but I've got my checkbook ready to make a donation when she announces

    Go Judd !!!!!!:)
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    You mean your parents checkbook?
  4. Which are bond payments owed by your children, in the form of higher taxes.

    Ain't liberals grand, not only is your money not enough they want to mortgage the future as well to pay for their party now.
  5. A lot of you righties seem to be in bad moods today :(
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  7. Is it okay if I kick the shit outta him instead?
  8. So Ashley Judd running for US Senate isnt related to politics ?
  9. Yes it is . . . that guy who ran the 2012 campaign for Obama said he has a full team ready and waiting for Texas 2014 , so see to it that he gets any assistance he needs.

    . :D . :D .
  10. If if she can get some of Obamas and Al Frankens advisers on her team she might pull it off :)
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