Ashley Dupree, Spitzer and Tim Sykes...

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  1. Surf that is classic!
    Maybe she is worth $4,000
  2. lololol
  3. Great entertainment; I want to know her side of story; she is hot. Not bad for 4k.:)
  4. Surdo


    She is a pig, I would not hit that for free.
    Have a little respect for your dick.
  5. Sykes should probably be reading books learning how to trade. Instead he is trying to run a pseudo tabloid. Regardless if this is Spitzer's girl or not, Sykes is like the reality show "stars" that make asses of themselves with lame attempts to stay in the spotlight. what a media whore
  6. She looks a lot like Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.
  7. Yawn;

    Prostitution is NOT illegal from where i am from.
  8. She is no pig she is fit. So it it seems you talk big about women as well as the markets shame you cant back it up. Bet you have a pencil cock that has never seen the light of day let alone a woman.

    Surdo = Virgin
  9. Surdo


    Sorry if If do not fancy fat American broads with big noses.

    el surdo
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