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  1. Alright lets hash this out.

    Ashland you may have seen missed by 2 cents. This is not important rev was up and we are coming off what we all knew was a depressed time period... I had hoped for a mass analyst upgrade cycle which did not happen. Trading off the headline the stk traded down a bit and is now $51.70.

    Timing is everything and the report came out on the day the reflation trade was called into doubt by the market. Ashland is a state of mind, the economy is improving then so is Ashland. It would be nice to see a steady climb to above where we were before the earnings that would be around $54.00. If we can clear that then it should still scoot to $60.00.

    BW reported this morning and it was the best report I've read from a holding!
    Good stuff.

    Brush Engineered Materials Inc. (NYSE: BW)
    Real Time32.66 3.16 (10.71%) 10:01AM EDT

    We're off to the races there with BW.

    COGO No volume just waiting in que for their report. ~stoney
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  2. I am filled with mixed feelings.

    My Hedge Fund guy gave me the dreaded email I knew was coming.... " still sitting on cash just making sure you're ok with that? "Is it only me? Or do you read a threat there?

    Yes Conflicted very much the rapid plunge in the VIX and the idea of the Fed targeting equity prices has me very uneasy. Whereas I had originally thought long ago that the clearing up of the dividend and capital gains tax issue would propell the next move... more and more I feel that's the last driver.

    Europe is being stupid. By not going along they will end up going through all the troubles again.

    I just sold my BRUSH!
    Brush Engineered Materials Inc.
    (NYSE: BW)
    Real Time 35.50 Up 1.71 (5.06%) 11:29AM EDT.

    That's enough for me. Only 50,000 shares and it's up over 2 X the market. I'm out.

    Still in Ashland which seems perfectly situated as a hold.

    COGO reports at the close.

    There is inherent weakness in tech. reading through these reports of the companies I care about... I see a recurring theme of slow down in tech that is not being reflected in the press, on TV or in the paper. Retail numbers are bad. Retail is already on sale for Christmas! Bank's we know. What we have left is this reflation trade and we've been playing that so long now. They won't ring a bell at the top.

    Not Having Fun When A Market Is Going Up Is A Sign Of Something...
    When I Draw Up My Lists Now Of Ideas They Have Bad Names, this is a natural culling process but most stks seem fairly valued.

    For Instance I really like Bottom Line Tech EPAY. I've known them since the internet days, I'm comfortable with their plan, their market share just not their price. I want $16.50 and it's $18.00.

    I like TSYS the emergency phone guys they report tonight and have a large number of military contracts achieved since their last report- it's hard to paint a picture of them missing... but it's heading into a jobs report and we already have COGO going off... my inclination to buy into an earnings story is dwindling the more we hit these names which is weird.

    A couple of my screens came back with HIG!

    The market has a way of telling you when to stop.~stoney
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  3. ASH + $5!

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Ashland Inc. (ASH 56.32, +5.38, +10.56%) shares rose Monday after the specialty chemicals company said it would sell its distribution business to TPG Capital for $930 million. Shares of Ashland gained 10.7% to $56.38 in recent activity.

    COGO IS $8 and climbing! I'm raising my PT to $15! Great earnings report!

    BW we traded the break out before it happened and sold at a price higher than it is today.

    This thread brought you 3 ideas All Three have succeeded. I'm claiming victory for ASHLAND because they have another big spin out to come and we can expect the same response if not better.

    Well, all that's left are the STARS from you all. ~stoney
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  5. As I wind up the day here I'm replacing the MHR idea with WRES. Warren Resources, they are both similar plays but I get a 3D extension trend similar play in Warren that I did not get in Magnum and I get a much better looking company value wise. I've just finished up my research and my idea I think is WRES.

    In the morning I'll look again at QUIK which had an interesting last hour of the day. This is a name that lightly misses earnings after we sold it and did come down a bit. probably a good entry point.

    GES looks up huge in the aftermarket. damn it. This is the problem with doing research. It was down today and I should of just jumped in. Who cares about high cotton input costs for jeans! I'm leaning towards getting in this name and perhaps out of Coors which is doing nothing.

    Those three ideas I think are where my head is at presently. ~stoney

    WRES // QUIK // GES

    PS: If anyone has tried the new HLYS product the skateboard shoe or has given it to a child I would appreciate your thoughts: Stupid fad or are scooty shoes here to stay??? Big X-Mas gift???
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  6. Looks like its time to go back to the retirement village stoney. Looks like these picks are done. Let me show you how to pick em...

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  7. BUY 2000 QUIK @$6.00

    Out of GOK w/ 17% gain.

    I've got no problem with others chiming in ideas I'll look at them but why the Village line? If Obama says ok to dividends a stock like GES with a special div of $2 with a dec 6 in date will do just fine trust me. One does not have to buy four letter stocks to make money it just helps. ~stoney

    QuickLogic's DPO Technology Extends Single-Charge Battery Life by up to 36% in Handheld Devices

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    "As consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets evolve, they offer increased functionality with each generation," said Paul Karazuba, senior product marketing manager at QuickLogic. "Unfortunately, increased functionality almost always comes at the cost of decreased battery life. By using DPO technology in conjunction with VEE, OEMs can buck this trend by offering products with greatly extended battery life and much improved display viewability. Clearly the VEE/DPO combination enhances the users' experience."

    Availability QuickLogic's DPO technology is available immediately as part of the ArcticLink II VX2 and VX4 solution platform families. Contact QuickLogic at or visit for more inform or just buy the damn stock!
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  8. Another old fashioned stock I've got on my radar on is Xerox. This is a new CEO story and a transformation into the digital age sort of story; they swallowed Affiliated Computer a ways back a great buy and the cross sell potential is good. S&P has a very realistic $14 PT and it's been in a bull band between 11.13 and 11.40. With support at $10.95 and the market perhaps about to go on the upswing, I'm watching it. Would have to sell something though & I'm told TAP was already pruned from the portfolio for lack of performance. I'm fine with that a certain freedom must be given those looking out for you. ~si
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  9. Nice call on ICGN, daytader I see it's up 92%.

    Your email came in at 1:25 when the stock was $2.50 and it's now $2.30. Another good day's work. Daytraders are followers not leaders; bottom pray not top predators in the stocks ocean.

    When I said I don't mind folks dropping their best ideas in on one of my threads, Ishould of qualified that as I don't mind serious investors that want to contribute to the best darn thread without a STAR.~ stoney
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  10. Oh no stonedarrester ICGN has a lot more to go on the upside. Lets see where its trading in 1 weeks time.
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