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  1. Alright we are taking a buck off our $3 profit on ASH. This is to be expected as we enter a mild correction however it's never fun to see. Counting on getting to those earnings and surprising.

    On our watch list nothing is blowing me away- CATM is trending up and COGO is firm.
    ZAGG had a big day. ASYS should sell off. I'm most interested in 3D Seismic play GOK Geokinetics I have a $6.60 ish buy point in mind and the stock is now... $ 6.97.

    Our ice cream counter Rare Earth stock Lynas ticked over again now $17.40.... I feel like this is the sell point. The news I can't get moved over to this site is pretty much what we suspected China has curbed Japan on rare earth's so Japan turns to nearby Australia and to our mine & co! Price target was just raised to something Australian which makes no sense for a $12.00 ADR..... This is a smooth $5 THOUSAND DOLLAR + GAIN in short time. It would be piggish to not take it, it makes my week in a big way... thinking about it. ~stoney
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  2. Fri.

    Lets keep this short & sweet. I still have no STARS. The ET community is sending me a message. We don't want to hear about your successes; we don't value true research or hard work or another's intuition. We actually don't want to make money. We would rather sit and scan for early vol movers and take our $40 and go home.
    We would rather walk among the daisies picking flowers. We would rather short.

    Whatever. Why have this star system if not to highlight the best threads? You all may have your personal demons and your high fallutin' ideas and your day jobs, you all may have anger at a natural herb but what the hell can you be thinking not to star this thread?

    Here's the deal- When Ashland hits $60.00 after earnings you star this thread. The rest of the ideas I'll throw in on a special. I'm not going to beg and scream anymore.

    Alright as you know I'm trying not to buy. For a stock to work now for me it's got to have a lot going for it.

    I am watching still- (and these are BUYS is you think we are spiking up from here)

    1- CATM- very strong ATM Credit card stk.

    2- ASYS- Backdoor Solar play closed strong yesterday, very nice looking stock.

    3- GOK- Small 3D Seismic scan for oil play.

    4- COGO- Chinese tablet play and phone.

    5- and lastly and perhaps now most strongly American based Chinese coal wash play LLEN. Yes the same stock we rode to glory in the Welcome Back thread- it's at a very nice price $8.72; the chart might indicate a move about to happen and most importantly this is the only stock I can find that I like that has insider buying! Between $10 and $8 and the dates July 15 to Sept 8th 383,750 shares were bought a whole bunch by the CEO who now owns a full 25% of the co! That's good sponsorship folks. These guys tend to nail earnings too. I know I said the moment I'd buy from here the market would tank... I'm trying not to but it's tough...

    Does anyone else think investing is like it's own drug? Complete with the come down and the left out feelings when other's party? There might be a 12 step idea in the future for a thread...

    Ok so that's my head for the 36 of you that care. And the big question is whether we take the move in Lynas and for that I must just close my eyes and guess... ~si
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  3. Ok I don't think I'm betraying anyONE by sharing these thoughts on Lynas sent to me by the hedge fund because it is emblematic of the type of decisions you have to make as an investor. The vol surge has be thinking greedy, the overly quick sprint and market conditions has me thinking book the gain.....

    Closed at $17.55 on 173% of last 30 day volume. Market indicated up at open, so if you want to sell, we should be able to near this price. Pink sheet names are usually speculative, so I can see taking the money and running. But then on the other hand, might want to stay with the momentum! Wish I could advise better on this one. Trader will always try to capture inter-day momentum.


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  4. Alright I've made up my mind I'm SELLING LYNAS.... The Great rare earth ride is over for me.

    I am also buying 1200 COGO just under $7.50. Sorry Everyone!

    In the end lining up COGO & LLEN as my final two concepts for today, OBV tipped the scale. I find On balance Volume to be a valuable tool. Insider Buying is nice but lets stay where the up volume is== COGO.

    We now have 3 fun earnings plays: ASH, QUIK & COGO!: ~stoney
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  5. daveyd72


    You the man Stoney.... Keep up the great work your ideas are greatly appreciated...

    Davey D
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  6. Thank You DaveyD!

    It's nice to know folks care.

    ok where are we? and how did we decide to buy BW Brush Engeneering today???

    Yesterday was a pretty massive and expected sell off. I knew we had this coming and we had to get through it. We are about half way through, with the other half coming with downer expectations to be realized re QE2.

    Ok so in times of downess we always scan for Relative Strength within our favorite stocks... Within a watch list, you can break out certain different styled plays like this:

    ASYS- This is our backdoor solar play, a semi play, a very strong stock and a name it would not really benefit one to own in a down market. Too sexy. Too up. Too good. But at some time you have to get in these stocks; it's all timing, you have to get in on a down day within an up trend--- that day might of been yesterday & today with a big $1+ down move! So we have gone from clear break out 52 week high to slight pull in....

    This would qualify as a MOMENTUM SCREEN AND A BUY FOR TODAY... maybe.

    A ways back, there was a good news pop on the name that gave it 9% to $18.92 that was on massive orders. Ok so presently at $18.11 we are under the pop close and almost at where the stock was before the good news approx $17.90... taking that into account- I can maker a case that valuation is not that stretched and I will look to probably buy a 1/2 position in this name today.

    I did a lot of research on ACH this morning Aluminum Corp Of China. This whole rare earth mania could reignite and this co is moving into two mines in China as majority partners. ACH is Moving away from a core business that quite frankly is not firing on all cylinders- they are soon to report too, so the risk here is a headline risk.

    Speaking of headline risk! We go down our string of names and stop at perennial watch list fave BW. Brush Wellmen-- The Near Rare Earth People... I passed at $26.00 and watched it slowly climb up to $29.50. It barely budged yesterday and they happen to report TOMORROW!!! :)

    BW then gives us an instant this week shot at being in a name before the next breakout because if you take a look at the BW long term chart you will see a one year massive reverse head and shoulders and room to run on a LT basis. In my view if this pushes through $30.00 on earnings we will really have something.

    CATM- I like this stock! They are the largest non bank runner of ATM's. It's $16.00 and I will like it better at $15.00.

    Daytraders too can use these watch lists for trade ideas... take a position that seems overly hit for no good reason and you ride a bounce back day and get out.
    (GOK perhaps or GSM)

    For me the plan is BUY 1000 BW NOW! Hope and Pray they knock the cover off the ball AND the market is up tomorrow... we'll decide what to do with it after... I could see us having an up 7% day. In which case we may run!

    Watch the market overall today and ASYS closely. I did note when it broke to a fresh high there was ZERO put buying on the name... If things magically feel better this afternoon I'll go with 1/2 the ASYS.

    Watching CATM....

    There it is! A weekly plan of action born of stuff you already know. Recycling & Editing is a big part of investing. GO BW! GO ASH! GO GO GO UP! ~ stoney
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  7. So far so good on BW IN at $29.20 and now
    Brush Engineered Materials Inc. (NYSE: BW)
    Real Time 29.89 1.19 (4.15%) :)

    ASHLAND IS BACK! $52.50 again heading into earnings Oct 26

    COGO $7.55 in at $7.50 even there no pain from yesterday!

    QUIK- Not moving today. Just a hunch here and I'll live to regret this- I'm SELLING AND taking the 16% gain $1,600 gain I'll just use that because I have a $900 car repair bill that got me yesterday... So that does leave us one spot short....

    Which brings us to seismic 3D play GOK. This is a very small float. I detect something large happening here with this name if you chart it you will see all kinds of bullish crossovers as the 10 day has crossed the 100 and 50... These guys underbid for contracts and win but have terrible earnings history and numbers... yet there are a bunch of new big contracts which have to do with using 3D in existing shallow wells and shale! Something these gas guys are just figuring out... it's a lottery ticket in a way but we have been tracking for so long, it's time to act on this oil and gas exploration type play BUYING 1300 GOK @ $7.28.

    ASYS is correcting finally will watch. ~stoney
    from IBD
    On the downside, Amtech Systems (ASYS) gave up opening gains and fell 4% in heavy trading. The downside reversal extended Tuesday's 8% loss. Amtech broke out from a deep base in August and has yet to test its 10-week moving average.
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  8. Nice day for BW eh? $29.20 and we briefly hit $30.50... yea I know a few of you flipped it afraid of the earnings and quite honestly I'm pissed at you. What if I get stuck and you all made that dough? That's not fair. You could of daytaded GOk as suggested for your quick 9% leave these big thinking stocks alone, give them time to run.

    All of ET can thank Davey D for if he hadn't dropped a nice note here, I wouldn't even have told you about my latest moves.

    Anyway, I've been up since 5:30 in the morning staring at the computer... when will those BW earnings come in? I'm nervous now. Big time. Conference at 11:00 am so it's got to come soon. Good Luck Everyone. This is Earnings play #1.

    Brush Engineered Materials Inc. Jumps to 52-Week High; BW,
    October 21, 2010 03:23
    Brush Engineered Materials Inc. (BW) established a new 52-week high yesterday at $30.33. Clearly investors are enthusiastic about the firm's prospects after a buy recommendation by the stonedinvestor. The rally was accompanied by higher than average volume and investors which adds to the momentum behind yesterday's move.

    Brush Engineered Materials is currently above its 50-day moving average of $26.03 and above its 200-day moving average of $23.39. Look for these moving averages to climb to confirm the company's upward momentum.

    Good Luck Everyone! ~stoney
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  9. ASH 53.44 +1.44 +2.77%
    Ashland Inc. (NEW) Common Stock

    BW 30.32 +0.89 +3.02%

    Well folks the end game is near. That special time. earnings for Ashland are tomorrow and suddenly folks are upbeat!

    - Shares of Ashland Inc. (NYSE:ASH) are trading higher by +3.69% ahead of its quarterly earnings release. Ashland, the maker of specialty chemicals and performance products is expected to release its quarterly results on October 26th.

    Wall Street Analysts consensus calls for a profit of $1.07 a share on $2.34 billion revenue.

    Ashland estimates have a range of $0.17 a share. The high estimate calls for profit of $1.14 a share and the low estimate is calling for a profit of $0.97 a share, a year ago for the quarter the company reported $0.96 a share.

    Then we take a breather for one day on wed when I hope to get some great news from either AVNR or DCTH. Thursday BW reports! There was some confusion on my part but they report on the 28th. Nov 4 we have COGO and that will wrap our earnings plays up for this qtr.

    Stocks that I'm interested in now- ENTROPIC, ENTR, I've had this chip maker in my sites for a while if it wasn't for a bunch of big block sells last week I might of taken a stab at it for earnings. This one I'm watching for day after reaction.

    Ditto ASYS. Can't wait till they report, want to see what is priced in.

    CATM- A top pick for me right now.

    EPAY. Bottomline tech. This is my top pick right now in tech. They are through earnings and the chart is constructive but not overblown. Timing the market here & elections but an entry into EPAY is tops on my list.

    Stks for this week if we get going: CATM & EPAY, lots of earnings it should be fun.
    Just one day till my stars!

    If Ashland hits STAR EM UP IN THE MORNING!!! ~stoney

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  10. Nice work Stoney.

    You gonna eat them cheetos?
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