Ash Wednesday

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    ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. ElCubano


    Your an idiot.......
  3. tampa


    ...and someone who walks around with burnt palm on his head isn't?

    You know, I love the baby Jesus sooo much, and appreciate his saving me (though I don't know what he saved me from) that I am going to give up soda pop for Lent!!! Isn't that special?!?

    (Gosh, how will I ever wash down those Hot Cross Buns?)
  4. ElCubano


    Hey you can call them whatever you want, as long as I can do the same....And I chose to call fruity an Idiot.....thank you and have a beautiful day...

    P.S. Are you really 53 years old??? Still playing in the playground.
  5. tampa

    tampa, I'm 57.
    And what are you giving up for Lent - you know, to show how much you love the baby Jesus?
  6. Hey, that's fine. I have no problem with that. :)

  7. ElCubano


    57...shouldnt you be more worried about what size depends you need. :D
  8. tampa


    ...yeh, guess your right, ElCubano.

    I should just leave the important stuff to you and your fellow countrymen who ran from adversity, sulking that we didn't spend our kids to get your country back for you...and who now want us to spend our kids in Iraq.

    How foolish of me, at my advanced age, to do anything but llet you do the thinking around here.

    LOOK OUT - isn't that a Communista under the bed!?!
  9. ElCubano


    Huh?? Old man you are loosing ur marbles...we werent even talking about important stuff on this thread....And yes the bay of pigs was a big let down. You would have felt the same with that knife in your back.....peace pops

    P.S. Dont forget to take your Geritol.....:D
  10. tampa


    I guess you forgot that all the brave Cubans who were supposed to take to the streets that day didn't - that's why the jets turnd around, and went home.
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