Asexuals - The New Frontier Of Societal Demands

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    From playground chatter to high-street billboards; from magazines, newspapers and television to the subject of junk emails in our inboxes, sex is common currency. But a small, often misunderstood, sometimes disbelieved minority of the population is almost totally overlooked: they feel absolutely no sexual attraction to other people.

    A book published in the UK next month claims such men and women, an estimated 1 per cent of the population, should be recognised as a fourth sexual orientation – asexuals.

    Professor Anthony Bogaert's book, Understanding Asexuality, argues that a growing number of people consider themselves asexual. He believes asexual people are "an under-studied population" who can feel excluded from our "very sexualised culture". He said our society, "can place expectations on both sexual and asexual people, but particularly asexual people".

    Joshua Hatton, 23, a language student from Birmingham, agrees. "Three years ago, I came across asexuality – it explained everything. I no longer had to lie to myself. Young men are expected to have some sort of casual sex; it's all around. Now I feel more comfortable."

    Bogaert, an associate professor at Brock University in Canada, defines asexuality as a complete lack of sexual attraction. "There are two forms: people who have some level of sex drive, but don't direct this drive toward others (so they may masturbate); and other people who have no sex drive whatsoever."
  2. Honestly that sounds like a hormone problem/form of depression or effect of stress.
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    Same with homosexuality.

    Dohhhh - did I actually say that? :D
  4. Only 2 to 3% of the population identifies themselves as homosexual. So if you think asexuals who are 1% of the population have some kind of mental or hormone problem, then you have to assume homosexuals do too.
  5. I can see your point but:
    1)In depression it's well known that depressed people suffer from anhedonia and if it lasts very long they start avoiding the behavior altogether.

    2) high psychologically stressful periods can also reduce the sex drive.
    Of course the rebound reaction once the stressor is removed or adapted to can be quite strong and previously uncharacteristic to the person's usual behavior.

    3) hormone's: Well here I'm talking about the lack of certain horomones not behavioral changes in the pathway of excitability/inhibition on the brain.

    hey it's just my opinion but it is a slightly educated one.
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