As swing trader is scalping background is useful ?

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    I don't know..
    What is the similarly what is different or worng to mix between those approach ?
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    Having done both scalping and swing trading, these are 2 different approaches to trading the stockmarket. Scalping involves taking very short price swings and buying and selling stock for short stretches of time. Swing trading involves getting into a stock which you hang on to for longer periods of times, say a few days to 1 week. No similarity between the two. Time frames and the approach are totally different. You can use both approaches if you understand the process.
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  3. No. Real “scalping” nowadays is front running order flow, which is the domain of ull hft. “Swing trading” is mainly trading short term reversals on companies. Two very different skill sets.
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    If you mix them make sure you are not tempted to turn a losing scalp into a swing trade. Just like traders who turn a losing trade into a long term investment.
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    As swing trader is scalping background is useful ?

    Define your terms.
    Swing trading technique(s):
    Scalping techniques(s):

    The trading plan that some traders 'scalp' with transfers just fine to 'swing' trading.
    Other traders, not so much.

    Stats can inform the intrepid trader what probabilities exist.
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    If you use modern definition of scalping - day trading for small gains $0.10-$1.00 per share - then yes. When I started swing-trading, I had a rule to enter trades as close to the closing bell as possible. This was to make sure the stock didn’t sell off hard into the close leaving a nasty candle. Over time, I noticed that I could often spot reversals early in the morning or in the middle of the day. Such “early” entry could afford one a good “buffer” into the close - an option to either keep the trade, take partial profits and reduce size, or get out at break even.
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  7. This thread is NOT about HFT millisecond scalping you tool..
    Anybody reading the poster's first post knows he's talking about minute to hourly scalping timeframes(daytrading) and asking if theres any correlation you can make to swing(daily to weekly length timeframe trades.

    The intraday high and low of the day can be used as tool(but NOT the only tool) in entry/exit of a swing trade
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  8. ya and what's the risk premia someone trading hourly timeframes is capturing lol? What you are describing is not "scalping" it is betting on intra-day momentum or reversals.
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    I started my career scalping Treasury Bond Futures and transitioned over to day trading spreads and now for the past dozen years I have been swing trading futures spreads.

    Totally different skill set. Not particularly transferable. My scalping skills are most useful for legging into and out of certain inter market spreads - but 99% of the trades we take are exchange supported spreads that do not require legging.

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    Thank you.
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