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  2. Lucrum


    From the bottom of the document.

    "Colon" hospital?

    McCain was dropped out of the wrong hole? :)
  3. Just a ploy to try and get some attention. Republicans don't like him, Democrats don't like him. He has to come to terms with the fact that 08 was his swan song and now fade away.
  4. Well, his physicians name was H. F. Annis :eek:
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    HAHA... I just spit coffee through my nose when i read that one. :D

    It definately makes sense given the fact that McCain is a "piece of shit"
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    And at the top it says the ANAMA Canal. What's an Anama? Maybe the first letter was supposed to be an "E"? :D

  7. haha, what the hell is going on here!! So many butt innuendos on one document. :p
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    LOL havent laughed this hard at a thread in a long time.:p