As in poker, the best traders will never show their true hand...

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Port1385, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Playing poker with real players around a real poker table in Vegas teaches you a valuable less in life. Its important never to show your true hand through emotions or actions at the table. Some poker players use sunglasses to mask their eyes. Some players will have a steely unemotional face. While others will deliberately act one way in order to fool you.

    At your workplace or in your social or family life, this also comes in handy not revealing your true emotions. Sometimes other people will leverage your emotions against you to take advantage.

    Real traders know the value behind controlling their emotions and operating in total secrecy. They may have made or lost a lot of money on a particular day, but they will never admit to either. They will never reveal their true strategy or ideas.

    You might see some traders post up on a message board about shorting a stock when they are really long. They might tell everyone to buy it when they are really short.

    The best traders are like the best poker players. The less you say, the less you act and the more detached you become...the better off you are...some traders have even mastered the art of deception spreading rumors and trying to get everyone into a certain position when that trader is really on the other side of the trade...