As I predicted this morning, FBI will arrest on Quran burning.

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  1. The FBI and US Government have been pretty much been pushing him around, Basically if he burns this Quran he will be arrested for violating the Federal Hate Crime statues.

    Only in America can you burn a flag in protest but god forbid you burn a book in protest. What is going on here. I do not agree with what he is doing but to send thugs over to stop him is too much.

    The FBI visited Jones at the Dove Center on Thursday, according to Jeffrey Westcott, special agent in charge of the Jacksonville, Florida, bureau. The FBI also visited him a few weeks ago, he said, but would not say what was discussed.
    Earlier Thursday, discussions were taking place within the Obama administration about the possibility of intervening, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters.

    Meanwhile, two websites associated with Jones and his church were down Thursday.
    Rackspace Hosting took down the two sites because the church "violated the hate speech provision of our acceptable use policy," said spokesman Dan Goodgame.

    AND US companies are willing to host pro terror websites and no problem, but you try to host the Quran burning on a website, then you get taken down. I bet the FBI gave them a visit.
  2. So, did they actually say that they were going to charge him with hate crimes if he burned the Korans?

  3. Thats what I heard from someone I know earlier today. CNN seems to be vague in the reporting though.

    I doubt you will be seeing any burning of a Quran this weekend.
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    The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka Kansas says they are going to burn Qurans if the church in florida doesn't. They're the animals that protest at soldiers funerals over the last few years and they are protected by the ACLU.

    The ACLU is a left-wing organization so...

    The left is going to burn Qurans! QED :D
  5. 'US Pastor Cancels Koran Burning'

    ...Ironic, he now has more copies of the Koran around his house than the bible
  6. ALL "DIRECTED" DISTRACTIONS in the grand Globalist game!
  7. Why is it illegal to do this. they let other forms of protest in the usa but this seems wrong if they are harrasing him with the FBI.
  8. Why is this illegal?
  9. If every thinking person, including the US military at its highest level, believes that an act would cause considerable harm and danger to US soldiers and civilians, what would be the appropriate course of action?
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