As god as my witness.. this week we are going to shoot ...

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  1. Starting this week.. we will start going up ...
    We'll see an explosive move on the markets upwards starting the next 2 weeks.... and the move upwards will last a good few weeks !

    Mark this post ... today being August 3 2008.

    Shorts.. cover your shorts.. longs load up!

    I have done a through analysis for posting this.. not talking out of my ass!

    Come back in 2 weeks and pay your respects to me!

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  2. What kind of analysis?
  3. over all sector analysis.... technical and fundamental analysis as well!

    to add some spice to the soup...
    Weighing of sentiment to price action in the general market!

  4. Come back in 2 weeks and pay your respects to me!

    The above statement will be the initiation of the move!

    Lets make that Sept 15th...for the over all judgement of this post!
  5. you spelt the title of the thread wrong; shouldn't that be "Ass god as my witness"
  6. This is why I still log into ET :)
  7. Humpy


    Just as a matter of interest how much money are you putting on this er statement ???

    And if it is into 2 figures or over what percentage are you risking ??

    By the sound of your er statement - it should be about 100% of your total worth ( would that get into 2 figures ? ) plus all you can beg, borrow or steal

    :p :D LOL

    oh and good luck !! Roll on Sept 2nd
  8. dsq


    who cares about god just shut up and post your trades like a snapshot of your broker must be stocktrader3....
  9. Meaaaaowwww!

    woof woof!

    Consulting at $200/hour!

    let me know :)
  10. ladies and gentleman...

    the move up seems to be much more explosive than I thought it would!

    Place in your short orders .. at S&P 1310 - 1320

    as the next leg down will begin at those levels!

    ta ta
    #10     Aug 9, 2008