As always, technology will kill the old system and usher in a new one

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  1. Ignore it at your own risk.

    This is cold fusion repackaged:
    Unfortunately, as with cold fusion, there is little independent confirmation of energy production with hydrino.
  3. ""He's wrong in so many ways, it's beyond counting," says Robert Park, a professor of physics at the University of Maryland and former spokesman for the American Physics Society. Parks, 77, uses BlackLight as an example of phony physics in his 2002 book, Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness to Fraud. He says of Mills, "I don't know of a single scientist of any reputation who takes his claims seriously." "

    Science is about repeatable, testable, verifiable. It is up to HIM to prove it. Not up to us to believe it

    There is no risk. Quacks and alchemists have a long history.

    That is why the US Patent Office will no longer consider patents for anything based on perpetual motion.

    And if for some reason he has found something, what is the risk?

    This is an empty article and statement.
  4. So it has found its rightful home here at the land of the empty useless statements
  5. Scientists can argue all day about the theory behind the production of the energy. The theory is not important. If it produces excess energy then it should be encouraged. The energy can come from fairy farts for all I care. If it works it works.

  6. Very interesting. The basic claim Dr. Mills makes is that he manages to shrink the hydrogen atom to a below ground state size using a sodium catalyst. Energy is released in the form of ultra violet light and is absorbed by the sodium catalyst.

    His theoretical explanation of this phenomenon seems to have some issues that causes it to be rejected by his peers. The ultimate test of the validity of his observation is in the succes of his generator though. Atleast in that field he has been able to convince some reputable people:

    BlackLight Power, Inc. announced it had raised over $50M in venture capital.[22] As of May 2008, its board members include former Assistant Secretary of Energy Shelby Brewer and Michael H. Jordan, who has served as CEO of various major corporations including PepsiCo Int'l. Foods and Beverages, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, CBS Corporation, and EDS.[23]
  7. Now I'm not saying one way or the other about my belief in this "discovery". But I was just reflecting the other day that we do seem overdue for a radical new discovery or tech advancement.

    We've been coasting along tinkering and improving on world-changing technologies for decades now. When's the next New Thing coming along?

    I sometimes joke about aliens landing in a space ship and giving us a new source of free, clean, and plentiful energy. But it could really be like that, just without the aliens.
  8. The value ( what small amount that remains ) of the dollar is due to its acceptance in exchange for petroleum. The world financial system is built in large part on this foundation. IF this creation produces abundant and very inexpensive energy it could undermine the foundation. I don't know this device works but I am contemplating the impact on my holdings IF it does work.
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