As a taxpayer, you have contributed to "God's work"

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  1. pupu


    In the food chain you need a few tons of plankton to feed a shark.

    Same here a few hundred thousand waitresses and other lower life forms feed a GS manager through taxes mediated by the US government.

    God's work never ends...
  2. Would you rather your tax dollars go to an appeal for a death row inmate or GS bailout?

    The same could be said by mere mortals for doing God's work.
  3. I rather they stop taxing so much and stop so much government interference of the market place: Trillions in bailout for big banks (huge bonus and pay packet to the execs), Cash for Clunkers, etc....

    No problem with some basic survival help for the the destitute - at least give them workfare!
  4. Corporate socialism at it's finest. Capitalism cannot survive without the taxpayer to fund it.

    And in the truely unbelievable department: Goldman, the Movie. By Goldman
  5. "The government determined that a collapse of AIG would be systemically disastrous," Goldman Sachs spokesman Lucas van Praag said. "And of course if a systemic problem had ensued, we along with every company in the world would likely have been affected."

    Oh crap!! I thought they said they were fully-hedged!
    That would mean...they were bailed-out with the rest of the system!
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    they are..fully hedged :)
    is this guy looks familiar?

  7. Daddy Warbucks?

    I LOVED him in Annie!!! :D