As a polar beer, it's easy to go in China...

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  1. As a fact, I just needed to put some black part as an effective Ninja Cammouflage...

    So I went to meet the Panda, long trip, short story... He said to me...

    I can't help you... I will lead you to the One that you can't disturb. I asked why ? And he answered :

    "because he has really bad mood when wake up in a hurry... "

    So I followed my friend to the Mountain, where only the foot of a Bear can go... Near the top, the Panda said to me... my friend, I am sorry to live you here. But you will have to see him alone...

    Suddently I asked my self : who he is ?

    So I approached silently, without wanting to wake him up... without knowing where I was going... And suddently I saw a cave entrance. I hesitated... Maybe he isn't nice...

    Before finishing to think, I heard, with a smooth but really strong voice : come my friend, I was waiting your venue since long...

    Yes, It's the most beautifull dragon that you have never seen in your life, legendary. We spoke a long time about love, life and fire...

    I left flying...


    Suddently, I realized that it was just a dream... Happily the Asian Session is underway... So I could ask you a serie serious question :

    What's the economic positive effect of a Censorships of expression trough Internet ? I don't think about well being or that... Only hardcore number. How could number become bigger ? I hope to read a lot of real exemple of positive growth (%) deriving from " the rules of the law over the internet concerning the freedom of speech ".

    And how could the risk of losing one breaktrough though be compensated by the censorships ?

    And finally, How do you think people react when they are oppressed ?

    Best regards.

    P.S. what's the animal I was in my dream at the end ?
  2. bit


    Which brewer produces this polar beer?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Thank you.
  5. What's the economic positive effect of a Censorships of expression trough Internet ?

    This is really a good question. Off the top of my head I'd say you get to keep all the customers.
  6. Dear nutmeg,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I would say it's wrong, I am sure that all the brands // companies that did the poisonous baby milk are out of biz... Not because of gov, but of the fear of the mothers.
  7. I probably am wrong but had to throw something out there to see if we could get the ball rolling on some comments. Meanwhile back at the ranch I am going to work on that thought till I get some ideas. I know who I like to ask that question to, the guy is from the area (C - word) and I have lost contact with him, actually I was looking for him on the net in the last few weeks and as far as I can tell he is signed out maybe as long as a year ago.