As a central banker would you accept a salary in the money you print ?

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  1. Serious question... How could you be paid in the money you print ? By definition it's worthless for you as you have tons and tons ( or billions of 0 after a number )... So would you accept such form of salary ? Issued in the money you print ?

    Secondly, who is paying this salary ? Is the central banker "paying" himself ?

  2. Do you propose that they should be paid in gold or smth?

    What's more interesting is that some CBs have pension schemes linked to domestic inflation... How 'bout 'em apples?
  3. They do many other things...

    I'm curious about your name. You a fan of the Swiss National Bank?
  4. I also have this doubt...this thread is useful for me...
    Thanks for such a nice query you share there..
  5. Hard question...

    If I was a central banker for the last 10 years I would prefer to be paid in CHF than USD 4 sure... I would have earn more...


    However I can't become a fan of any Central Bank playing the fractional interest based landing system for the reason that I suspect it to play a large role in the infamous Plato "the republic"... in particular in part 459a... on the part of Eugenics...

    The most frightening is that the guy writing this is considered to be the ( I quote wiki )... amazing... ( secondly amazing search the word dog in the text... it comes all the time ).

    But I am nore sure that's an intended goal... fractional interest landing system will always destroy the weakest in the process of wealth creation...
  6. You would have earned more by holding CHF, not getting paid in it. $100k in CHF is the same as $100k in dollars on the day you get it. Nothing stops you converting that to the currency of your choice, or even gold.
  7. dtan1e


    wonder if one of Plato's ingenious schemes would be wars including drafts to clean up the inferior stock
  8. there would be an uproar if it is know a central banker wants or is paid in another currency he is printing.

    Why would a citizen have confidence in their own currency if their own central banker does not?

    the higher ups would never perimit central bankers paid in other currencies
  9. Just like when that model "wanted to be paid in Euros"... you could be paid in any currency, then immediately convert it to another on an exchange.
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