As a Californian, I thought I had the worst govt in the union

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hughb, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Why would Lucrum and "company" care whether it's the California liberals or the Chicago liberals who are sinking their respective states into the abyss the fastest? You liberals are a strange bunch.
  3. The lunacy of this bunch and their "us vs them" mentality reminds me of the quote: "don't cut off your nose to spite your face".

    These guys are still so wrapped up in their anger and hatred for Bush that they could care less about the path the country is taken just so long as it's not some member of the "old white guy" crowd leading the ship into the iceberg.
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    LOL! You 2 are so stupid. I voted Romney, voted against Prop 30, voted for Prop 32 and you call me one of them liberals.
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    I never actually shot a computer, though I briefly considered it once years ago.
    I did break a desk top once with my fist though.

    "But critics wonder if it was just a waste of taxpayers' money, considering that the city's murder rate has risen since the program began two years ago.
    Or worse: was it just an effort to buy votes ahead of a tight race for governor?..."

    IL and CA, two places you'll never catch me traveling to on my nickel.
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    Desktop's nothing. I kicked an HP printer across my living room once. left all these little spiky gears in the carpet that I was cutting my feet on for two weeks afterward.
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    Be careful about expressing your opinion around here, brother Hugh.
    You old liberal.:D
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    11-26-12 02:02 PM

    LOLOLOL! Sounds like the "ROMNEY LEADING IN ALL POLLS - DAMB SURE GONNA WIN" crowd is a little embarrassed.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with bringing them back up and they don't violate any rules. I hope the forum admis will butt out. It adds a little irony that those who are exasperated at ever expanding government are asking the froum government to step in and save them.

    Nobody saw this coming? You guys are supposed to be traders, having an ability to plumb the future. You sit there posting over and over how sure you are that Romney would win, never even considering that he would lose. I can only assume you don't use stop loss orders as well.
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    California is still, by far, the best state to spend time in.
    Unfortunately, it is no longer the best state to live in (for most people).
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    Tsing Tao

    I haven't stepped foot in California for over 20 years. I have no desire to. Anything I can get in California, I can get someplace else. Who wants to go out there with all those fruitcakes.
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