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  1. Anyone knows what is the news with ARXT? I have a big short position. Damn it. I didn't know trading halt was coming.
  2. Hahaha, What a gain! Now I am thinking about getting retired.
  3. Did you cover at 13s? Lol
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    Congratulations. Nothing beats being on the right side of these halts.:cool:
  5. Soros sells entire stake 3 days before the news hits.

    DJ Soros Fund Sells 1.7M Shr Stake In Adams Respiratory - Report

    Thu Mar 15 04:48:43 2007 EDT

    NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Two days ago a fund controlled by billionaire financier
    George Soros and his associates sold its entire 1.7 million share stake in
    Adams Respiratory Therapeutics (ARXT), the specialty pharmaceutical company and
    maker of the cold and flu medicine Mucinex, for about $44 million, The New York
    Post reported in its Thursday editions.

    The fund, Perseus-Soros Biopharmaceutical Fund, was one of the company's
    largest and longest investors, the paper added.

    A spokeswoman for Adams said Soros was an original venture-capital backer of
    the company and has been steadily divesting his stake since the company went
    public in 2005, adding that that is part of the normal investing cycle of any
    venture-capital fund.

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    03-15-07 0448ET

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  6. wow fascinating stuff. That Soros gets a bad rap for being on the wrong side of a few dollar swings-- looks pretty damn smart to me!
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    low is 26.61 not 13. I think thats an error.