ARTX - mini MAGS - ready to pop

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    Arotech Corporation - The Group's principal activity is to design, develop and market zinc-air technology for primary and reusable battery systems. The Group operates in two segments: Defense and Security Products and Electric Fuel Batteries. The Defense and Security Products segment develops manufactures and markets advanced hi-tech multimedia and interactive digital solutions for training of military, law enforcement and security personnel and sophisticated lightweight materials and advanced engineering processes to armor vehicles. The Electric Fuel Batteries segment produces Zinc-Air fuel cell packs for the U.S. Army's Communications Electronics Command. On 13-Jan-2004, the Group acquired FAAC Incorporated and on 14-Jan-2004, it acquired Epsilor Electronic Industries Ltd.

    We can talk about one thing...the price is 3.05, and the next target is 4.20.,uu[w,a]daclyyay[d20000411,20040411][pb20!b50!b100!b30!i!f][vc60][iul14!uc20!la12,26,9!lb14!lf][J29024282,Y]&listNum=9
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