Artificial rules create more trading opportunities

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  1. With all the fear of SEC rules and regulations around, I actually believe that as long as the taxation and fees on trades do not become excessive, short term traders should find more opportunities because of reduced market efficiency. Simply, long term investors will lose more money to traders in transactions in a less efficient market. Uptick rule or not does not matter if you can adapt. As soon as they kill one way of making money, they create another one. As traders, our duty is to exploit any manmade inefficiencies and maintain an efficient market.

  2. Dont tell me what my duty is!! :mad: :D :cool: :p LOL
  3. I highly doubt it
  4. But you, sir, are an idiot.
  5. Very true. If you can adapt to it mentally and strategically, there is most definitely a lot more opportunity for profit right now.
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  7. as they say, it takes one to know one. And considering the source, I find insults from you as humorous
  8. I second this, TraderZones IS an idiot. He can't make money short term, doesn't know how to do it and thus thinks because he feels he's so smart and can't figure it out nobody else can either.

    He also doesn't believe in using Fibonacci's which I make a ton of money with and can make money exclusively using.

    Anybody else on here who have read TraderZones posts feel the same way?

  9. I have to agree with that.

    he always posts in that stupid big font, and all he ever posts is critcising what everyone else says,
    yet he never posts and live trade calls or anything of any use of his own. :D :cool: :p

  10. IDIOT aka AmyTrance: A woman who stares into a definitive, longterm institutional report utterly proving the nonvalue of Fib levels, and retorts that she has proved it by 2 examples See also: Pulling an "Amy"

    We know you believe in it. Evidence has little effect on you. Will look for you to post your broker statements proving your "ton of money" you are earning. Will watch for it tomorrow in your "thread." Now, get back to your thread, GED dropout.
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