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  1. Hi Felix,

    I have taken the WEka machine learning course (it is free part of the MOCC).
    here are 3 courses:
    Data Mining with Weka
    More Data Mining with Weka
    Advanced Data Mining with Weka.

    The purpose of this thread is to gather thoughts on doing data mining for trading which seems to be a sparsely covered topic.

    Department of Computer Science
    University of Waikato, New Zealand


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  2. I have finished them and I'm working on applying the knowledge.
    My use of ML is to help finding which relationships actually exist in my database.

    It is very useful in going through all the possible combinations to help you find which relationships are predictive and which are not (and which are redundant).

    It takes a lot of skill to use it properly.
    And it can only find what is in your database - so how you build the database (spreadsheet of variables) is where your intelligence and insight comes in.

    As in all things in trading unless you do something unique and innovative you will get the same result as everyone else.

    Yes it is worth the work to learn the tools
    (Weka is a toolbox of ML programs - you don't need to learn how to program you need to learn how to use the programs and understand what you have done.)
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  3. When you`ll learn, no ai, no nn or ml will never predict volatility!It`s so easy to understand even for a monkey!
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  4. %%
    NOT very good @ all because cant predict markets/trends. But since the Farmers Almanac [ book]forecasts about 80% accurate for the year; any machine programmed by a human could help.
    I know how to figure a 50 day moving average , but i trust a machine about 95%.

    Bottom line, while some+ some hedge funds do fun marketing with your question, Felix; people created machines > machines did not create people.:caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:,,:caution::caution:
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  5. This ai etf is a joke
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