Article Writing Jackasses

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by milktruck, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. God, if I read another blog/article/newsletter that starts off with a proclamation of how the author predicted such and such economic event x units of time beforehand and "warned" his readers, I will puke.

    People pretending they know it all, so proud of their stopped clocks finally being right. Maddening.

    Especially if the topic is technical trading and not even some kind of fundamental insight into the market/economy due to research. When the price bumps off a line you drew, its not a reason to condecend to the nonbelievers - you played a probability game and it worked out. You dont see people selling yout a coin flipping newsletter. Not the best parallel but whatever.

    Please newsletter writer, save me from the squiggly lines! Warn me of danger!

    Anyone who needs saving shouldnt be an active investor in the first place.

    Blech, so gay and arrogant. Had to rant. Done now. Peace out.
  2. the kicker is when they are super bullish, the market tanks, and then they say how easy it was "trading" all day.

    then they say they actually had a loss, act like it's a big deal, and say it costs them $4 after making $4000. it's ridiculous.

    or they get in, it tanks, and they say stuff like "out, very small loss, very little position."

    remember, their job is to MAKE money and they think newsletters are some great scalable product. so they lie and lie and lie and hope people keep joining.

    i would encourage you to email them, call them out, ask for P/L and even threaten the SEC about their lying.

    they are very insecure humans and will likely get flustered.

    snake oil salesman.

    biggest fraud business there is.

    think of what salespersons say on the phone to jam billions of worthless tranches just a year ago...
  3. Is this that different from speeches politicians deliver when they run a campaign?