Article shows that Wal-Mart makes neighborhoods poorer where it opens

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  1. And you thought low prices of Wal-Mart would help :(

    The report concludes that Wal-Mart, the biggest U.S. private employer, kills jobs rather than creates them, drives down wages and is a tax burden because it does not give health and other benefits to many part-time employees, leaving a burden on Medicaid and other public programs.

    The New York City Council will hold a public hearing on Thursday on the impact a Wal-Mart would have but the retailer has declined to attend.

    Wal-Mart dismisses the critical report -- released in January by City University of New York's Hunter College Center for Community Planning -- as "randomly selected statements from ... flawed studies."

    The report is based on 50 studies of Wal-Mart openings and comes as the company tries to gain a foothold in some of New York's poorest neighborhoods.
  2. I don't know why they just don't rename their stores ChinaMart since about everything they sell comes from China.
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    Just like a lot of other companies...

    Why not rename Apple to Chinapple?

    The consumers (not the companies) are responsible for this. They drive the demand by rewarding (i.e buying) cheap made in China products. No one forces them to buy the Walmart products.

  4. There are two sides to this coin.

    On one hand, Walmart kills off mom and pop businesses.

    On the other hand, I am very much aware of the "child abuse"
    that I was subjected to, by these mom and pop stores when living
    in a community without a Walmart.
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    Good grief, cry me a river. You were probably making a nuisance of yourself and they ran your ass out of the store.
  6. Congratulations Larson!!!

    You were just elected to the ELITE TRADER TROLL RECOGNITION THREAD.
  7. They should make a law that anything made in china has to have a big label that says "Made in communist china" with a large sickle and hammer logo as well.

    just like warnings on cigarette packs.
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    For those of you that want to bash Wal Mart at every chance go ahead, but I can tell you from experience that they do some things right.

    I have a Wal Mart money card that I use for online purchases and a bank issued debit card for other things. Yesterday I deposited cash into both of them...the money was available within 10 minutes through Wal Mart, but the bank will not be available until the close of business today.
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    You are welcome. Sorry, I have to expose stupidity when I read it. This means you..........
  10. What a load of crap. Nothing stops those people from trying to get a better job. and as far as healthcare, it shouldn't be the employer's job to provide it in the first place, AND the employees in question wouldn't have the healthcare coverage if WM was not there to give them the job anyway, so its not bringing anything down. That logic is akin to "cuts" to social programs when their budgets are not increased as much as someone wants.

    WM is a business. They have the right to operate a business just like anyone else. They are not breaking any laws by their lack of insurance or with their wages.
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