Article on HLV Trading in Active Trader Magazine

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by titan27, Dec 4, 2003.

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    This firm seems to be all over the place lately. First Don Bright tried to bash them, only to recant what he said, and now an interview of the "brainchild" of HLV Trading, Charles Vaccaro in Active Trader magazine.

    I had never heard of them until Don Bright's comments but it seems that they have a solid business plan. Not to mention, Don Bright himself has given them the thumbs up.

    I am a trader in New York and looking for a new firm? Does anyone have any experience with them, if so, I would definately like to know more about them.
  2. Check out the web site.

    It appears that there is a $125/month software fee. I'm not sure whether that might be relevant to you or not but thought I should point that out.
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    Most firms these days have some type of "desk fee". Usually between $125-$500.

    I actually called them to ask them about the fees they had posted on their website and they said that the website is a little outdated and that they "structure each traders' deal based on their style of trade".

    Thanks for the info.
  4. Hey Titan,

    I'm a trader at the HLV office in midtown Manhattan.

    The office atmosphere is very professional. There is a big emphasis on teamwork. The company cares about its traders success as opposed to just being a ticket house.

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    You mind sharing with us what commission rate you are paying at HLV? On their site, they mentioned .0125 and minimum of 5 dollars, which seems like a rip off. Maybe you can throw some light on the situation.

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    Ok guys. Titan27 makes his very first post on ET "seeking information", announcing (in the title of the thread, no less) that HLV has been written up in Active Trader magazine, etc. As he is a trader in New York he could simply make a local call or, dare I suggest it, drop by the office (what a concept). After all, this is his career so why not take it seriously assuming he's not already a member of the firm. Or, since daytraderpete has announced that he trades at the midtown Manhattan branch he can PM him. But, regardless, we will not get into discussing commission rates or any further details of the firm. People are welcome to discuss their general experiences with HLV (like daytraderpete did) but commissions, payouts, desk fees, etc. goes over the edge of free promotion. If you are interested in those particulars then do your homework and Google their website or pick up the phone or visit the firm.
  7. XBRR

    The fees on the website are for retail, remote traders. Professional daytrader fees are much better. If you would like to speak more specifically, please give me a call at the office (212) 551 - 1705, I would be happy to talk about the fees, software or anything. I don't want to do it here because I don't want this to come off like an advertisement.